When I was younger the Tooth Fairy existed! I loved imagining her, trying to catch her, and of course loved the nice green gifts she left. (There’s no pretending with that one!). It was just all together fun as a child. Now it’s my turn to have fun as a parent, and keeping the spirit alive and watch the creativity and imagination grow with your child. I came up with a fun little activity that starts off with a little bit of effort from you, but after their first tooth, they’ll keep it going as you will juist collect.

I usually have so much fun with my kids and do something creative to get their first tooth out. (We’ve all seen those crazy videos!). My daughter decided to tie a string with one side on a door knob, the other end to her tooth. From there, she Karate chopped the string! Floss works better, but all we had was craft thread that didn’t grip as much as we’d hope. On the third try, it popped right out.

On the Eve of the Tooth Fairy’s arrival, I typed out a note from her very own personalized Tooth Fairy. With this note, I gave her a name that I knew my daughter would just adore and addressed it to my daughter. I had to mention that her fairy will only take her tooth if she kept it well clean. This might save my butt one day if (hopefully I don’t) I forget to exchange her tooth for moolah. They might be heart broken, but first off, that’s life sometimes. Secondly, they’ll be motivated to keep their teeth clean. The next part of my introductory fairy note, I stated that the next time she lost a tooth was to draw a picture of what she imagined her Tooth Fairy looked like and tape her tooth to the drawing. I thought, this would be so much easier to snatch from under the pillow and by keeping these drawings over the years I can laminate and create a book. Starting with the introductory letter from her Fairy! Rhyming was definitely something I had to incorporate into as well, it just seemed that much magical. Below is the note I created to give you an idea.

With my first child, I was working a lot and wish I did something like this. Luckily, she has only lost two teeth and I knew I can come up with something to redeem myslef for it. I still have her last tooth (Not her first, which is a bummer.) Still, I made an introductory letter assigning her with a Tooth Fairy. The difference in letters is that I will state that her last fairy got relocated or switched jobs to be a garden fairy and planted her first tooth. Might be silly, but Hey! Just have fun playing pretend with them. In the end, you’re allowing their imagination to grow and this will be so much fun to look back on with the years ahead. I hope this inspires you to have fun with the magic of your little one and play along!

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